"Pixie" is our cutie pie. She is the most beautiful chihuahua in our house, we never get tired of watching her sweet face. She loves to clean others (chis AND people) and sometimes she goes too far with it. She is a little shy around unknown people and dogs and she does not like crowds. We would like to thank our dear friend Monika for this special girl!


  BIRTHDAY: 19.3.2009
HAIR and COLOUR: long, chocolate fawn
WEIGHT: 2,4 kg
BITE: scissor, 6+6
BREEDER: Monika Drekslerova, Czech Republic
SHOWS: 3x very promising, 2x JCAC SLO, 2x rCAC SLO, 1x CAC SLO, 1x CAC HR, 1x rCACIB, 1x BOB puppy, 2x BOB junior, Croatian junior champion
OTHER SUCCESSES: puppy obedience exam



Lacoste de Iniesta


George Michael
de Iniesta
del Pequenos Mexicanos
Mar-Rich All My X´L
Arnica Montana Actaea Racemosa
Vivian del Zorrito
La Bora's Quincy
Isabo del Zorrito
Karsavina Ballerina
Yucatello de Oro
Capucino de Oro El-Chiquitin
Tiny Mite's Calico Rose
Tiny Mite's
Chocolate Love
Tiny Mite's Tuffy Tutone
Tiny Mite's Mink

Agata Hop-Trop


Asterix Rossa von Jerich
Clif ze Žvahova
Deny z Jenštejnské Bašty
Eowyna z Novboru
Angelika Mao-Dao
Dominik z Helfštýna
Daia Dorada Amareto
Armony Gold Mandiga
Lemoli Zlatý Javor
Afis Zlatý Javor
Heluška Zlatý Javor
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