FCI Classification:

FCI IX, Section 6, FCI-Standard N° 218


Companion dog

Life expectancy:

16 years +

General appearance:

This dog has a compact body.  Of great importance is the fact that his skull is apple-shaped and that he carries his moderately long tail very high, either curved or forming the shape of a semicircle with the tip pointing towards the loin region. Length of body slightly greater than height at withers.  Desired, however, is an almost square body, especially in males. In bitches, because of the function of reproduction, a slightly longer body is permitted.


All colours in all possible shades and combinations are admitted, except merle colour.


In this breed there are two varieties of coat.
- Smooth-haired: Coat is short, lying close all over body.  If there is an undercoat, the hair is somewhat longer; sparse coat on throat and belly permissible; slightly longer on neck and tail, short on face and ears.  Coat is glossy and its texture is soft.  Hairless dogs are not tolerated.
- Long-haired: Coat should be fine and silky, smooth or slightly wavy.  Not too thick undercoat desired.  Coat is longer, forming feathering on ears, neck, rear of front and hind legs, on feet and on tail.  Dogs with long billowing coat will not be accepted.


Not demanding, smooth-haired variety should be brushed occasionally, long-haired a few times per week. Trimming is not required. It is desired to clip his nails every few weeks and bathing approximately once per month. Light dogs could get tear stains so it is desired to wipe the tears regularly.


Ideal weight: between 1,5 and 3 kg. Weight between 500 g and 1,5 kg tolerated.
Subjects weighing less than 500 g and more than 3 kg shall be disqualified.


Quick, alert, lively and very courageous.


Very high.

Learning ability:

Very high but only with positive motivation!

Relation to children:

He can be a great companion to children if they handle him correctly.

Relation to other animals:

It is necessary to accustom him to other animals in early age so he will not fear them or be aggressive to them.

Relation to strangers:

Reserved but not fearful or aggressive.

Home environment:

Living inside is necessary. He loves walks in warm weather.

Suitable owner:

Everybody who knows that a chihuahua is a dog and not a toy!

Potential behaviour problems:

He can become aggressive, fearful and yelping if not educated correctly!

Potential health problems:

Joint issues (it is desired to check for patella luxation), eyes and heart issues, he is not adapted to low temperatures.